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Building Client LOYALTY

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Getting a new client booked is just the first step to building a regular,loyal client. Here are some pointers form our professional team that can help you not only generate more new comers but how to KEEP them coming!

Bedside manner also translates to the Skincare industry and it can make or brake a strong bond.

The most common "mistake" we can make as a practicing Esthetician , is getting too comfortable in our day to day business. Every client deserves to be treated like your very first, and as we get years of experience under our belts, we can forget that clients dont know about the services we offer as well as we do. Because we do the same procedure day in and day out we become masters and know it alls about our craft and expect its obvious to all about the outcome. Take waxing for instance , remember your first time getting on that table , wondering what comes next but maybe too nervous to even ask a question? Or perhaps the opposite, you ask a ton of questions but dont get the answers that bring any comfort? This is where client bonds are formed. No matter if I am waxing someone I have seen multiple times , I go over each step BEFORE the actions. Explaining in detail what youre doing and why goes a long way especially for a first time client. Before beginning the treatment , complete your consultation as usual . Even for regular clients you MUST have them sign and acknowledge that nothing has chnaged in thier medical history . If ther have been changes attach and complete a new form to file with the original .

I have created a sequence of questions to help lock into my memory details of my client , so when I see them again I can shock them with remembering facts of their life, like "how was disneyland last week?" or "How is your husband feeling after his surgery?" This will BLOW thier minds because you listened to them . It may seem hard for those of you that see 10+ clients a day but you can take notes via consent form to help jog your memory. All details of these questions coming soon.

Crucial points to address

For Appt #1

Limit personal questions to leave room for the educational aspect:

  • Start by giving the rundown of the step by step process, and what products you use

  • While performing the service explain aftercare

  • Once service is completed , go back to the details such as Hair growth cycle which will lead into the pre booking of their next appt. helping you secure your booking rate

Always take before/after photos no matter the service . And remember that a waiver stating you can take the photo AND post it is a must. Even if they don't allow the posting , the photos are for your protection as well as for your client to view results over time . Set alerts on your device to surprise them with their progress . For Brow Rehab clients keep their original before photo stored in an app like PhotoCollage , so after every 2 weeks of service you can save the two photos side by side. Then after 6 weeks of regular visits you can give them a gift of viewing the impact at its most ! Or for lash extension services take before photos at each fill appt. with the date stamp so it better shows retention to help train their mind of any different practices they have been doing that are affecting this or just to show off you're killing it with the time between visits ;) NEW blog coming soon further detailing each subject Brow Rehab and Lash Fill documentation .

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