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Wax Homecare Product Selling Tips

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Product sales are a staple in the every day practice to increase your revenue stream and wax specialists can sometimes feel that compared to Facial specialists they lose out on product sales. It is one of the most frequent topics brought up when speaking about hardships, since some of us feel that sales = being pushy or unauthentic. But its all in the approach of your delivery to help achieve the goal of 30% of your income from product sales. Here are some helpful tips to reach your goal while staying true to yourself.


What do you think is the most neglected homecare step of waxing clients ? In my experience:

HYDRATING. We are always hammering in our minds and our clients the exfoliation is the #1 necessary step ,which results in an overuse of drying products because most clients will believe if this product treats Ingrown then Ill use it more ! Hydrating couldn't be more crucial to have the best overall result of silky smooth skin that lasts. Read on for some more helpful tips.

Tip #1:

Know your market and carry products that you believe in. This may seem like a no brainer but many pros make the mistake of focusing on profit margin rather than a true fit for the targeted condition and audience . This is where are cardinal rule of "do onto others as you would do onto you" For example , if you have a large college student base consider carrying an affordable product line that possesses all the ingredients that will enhance their result. Ingrown Zone products are what I recommend because the line itself is made up of 3 affordable options that pack a punch without breaking the bank. Its a delicate dance to "prove" yourself by providing a result driven homeware regimen , if you choose the route of upselling to just make the cash you risk losing a trusting relationship between you and your client. Ingrown Zone Cream - treatment , Triple Action Lotion- Prevention , and Liquid Serum Spray -Treatment & Prevention (my personal fave).

TIP #2- Identify the needs of the client ,skin type, ingrown hair type in question and are they a low maintenance guest or are they disciplined enough for a multi-step regimen? Once you get an understanding of their lifestyle/needs you can properly prescribe their regimen . Because proper homecare not only makes the clients result satisfactory but it makes your job easier when you wax healthy clear skin.

Breakdown of Ingrown Zone Products:

  1. Ingrown Zone Cream - Perfect balance of Resorcinol , Vitamin A and Tea Tree for a disinfecting property. Perfect size to carry for the on the go client , perhaps the workout a ton, work long hours ,or wear tight fitting cloths ex. leggings, skinny jeans. This cream also serves as a hydrator while also calming inflammation of the hair follicle. PRO TIP- Apply post wax to eliminate breakouts caused by over active sebaceous glands.Ex. Upper lip waxes can sometimes cause a flare of "whiteheads" shock your client by correcting their reaction to hair removal they have battled.

  2. Ingrown Zone Triple Action lotion- Ultimate hydrating lotion that soothes , prevents ingrown hairs , and slows down the hair growth by shrinking the follicle .Perfect product for the client who is disciplined enough for daily application, and are serious about combating hair density on larger areas . Daily use is recommended and this is my go to for arm, leg, chest/stomach waxes.

  3. Ingrown Zone Liquid Serum Spray - Super concentrated formula with related ,well known ingredients like witch hazel and aloe . Perfect for the client who is a low maintenance or a "less is more" approach. This spray is effective even with 2-5 day /week use , and prevents the itchy or inflamed reaction from shaving or waxing. Also with the spray tip , those who are treating hard to reach areas like the back , they can target all areas with ease. I think of this product as one of the #1 selling aftershave products on the market I won't name names , its in a blue bottle, but this doesn't sting! And has a wide array of heavy hitters , us as the professional can appreciate. Including Salicylic and Glycolic woo-hoo!!!! (how to breakdown the 8 types of ingrown and how to pick the acid that will cure it coming soon ) Comment below to get this info faster !

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