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Its a delicate dance to manage your time, and have your clients leave not feeling rushed.

We all have those "chatty-cathy" patrons that can cause your whole day to be off set. And I think we have all have those awkward slow reach to the door habndle moments signaling "it was nice seeing you , but I must take my next guest"

Here are some tricks of the trade to help keep your day on track:

-Have a clear late policy - Setting a srict late policy is crucial for staying on track. You must "train" your clients to understand that in this business time is valuable. And make it clear it isnt that its just about "time is money" , but that each guest deserves the best treatment possible and each service has an alotted time for this purpose. State the policy clearly on your site, social media, when booking the appointment, and again at checkout .

-Take Notes- Note traits of your clients , such as "runs late" or "loves to talk" so you can properly prepare . If they are "late comers" add a few minutes at the end of the appt. slot for a buffer . If they are chatty , as you check them in thank them for being on time and that you have a busy day so their punctuality is much appreciated . This plants the seed that your on a set time frame.

-Keep a Booking Routine-Have 3 options ready for the pre-booking process . Before your shift begins , look at each service /client booked to gauge the date recommended for their next service. for example a first time brazilian wax , look ahead 3 weeks to check your availability . It is best to offer same day ,same time as option #1 , since the client most likely has a set schedule themselves and will be able to keep the routine appointment time. Pre-booking shouldnt take more than a couple minutes so it can be done during the 5 minute clean up time designated at the end of each service . Ideally the client will book out months in advance saving you this time at the end of the appointment .

-Have a "plan B " for materials . Tools and materials vary on your services or specialty . But for example with waxers , make sure you have back up wax warming in case you run low and dont have time to refill your pot and stay on time. Lashers ,if you drop, damage tweezers make sure you have 2 back up tools ready to go for a seamless switch. Facialist? Have the products that are part of your "add on , booster, a la carte" menu in case your client decides to upgrade their treatment. And with product sales have 3 options based on their needs and varying $$ they want to spend. Have these on display for them to select from at the end of the service . This not only helps cut down the time of back and forth dealing with calculating the totals and getting products then putting them back .

-K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweetie . Just because we are in the customer care industry doesnt mean you have to get deeply personal with each client. Keep to talking about the treatment plan and edcuate them on their skin journey goals, milestones, etc. I recommend to not get personal until appt #5 or 6 . And Im not saying to be an ice queen but we want our clients to see and feel that we take our business and their needs seriously with the most professional demeanor possible. If you are off the bat turning the focus on family, friends , travle plans , who said what or who knows who youre setting yourself up to becoming a part of negativity or drama which will affect you in more ways than one. Per this blog subject this will hurt your time managment by getting into a deep convo that may involve tears , raised voices but overall keeping you from staying on topic and on time. This is the most delicate art of all, mastering the balance of how to steer the convo when needed and how to avoid coming across as dismissive .

I have so much Ive learned and eager to share with you all when it comes to reading peoples actions/body language and personality so you can always give them the best experience ever while being a likeable , knowledgable , overall sought after esti in your area. Call, email or send ina message requesting a blog outlining more tips on how to work with all types of people and maximizing your time =$$$$

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