Its a delicate dance to manage your time, and have your clients leave not feeling rushed.

We all have those "chatty-cathy" patrons that can cause your whole day to be off set. And I think we have all have those awkward slow reach to the door habndle moments signaling "it was nice seeing you , but I must take my next guest"

Here are some tricks of the trade to help keep your day on track:

-Have a clear late policy - Setting a srict late policy is crucial for staying on track. You must "train" your clients to understand that in this business time is valuable. And make it clear it isnt that its just about "time is money" , but that each guest deserves the best treatment possible and each service has an alotted time for this purpose. State the policy clearly on your site, social media, when booking the appointment, and again at checkout .

-Take Notes- Note traits of your clients , such as "runs late" or "loves to talk" so you