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Lash/Brow Lift FAQ's

Lash Lifts have been this years hottest trend and with all trends we get flooded with questions here are the most commonly asked :

Is a lash lift the same as a perm?

No. Lash perming is the application of perm solution on the entire lash base to tip. Lash Lifting uses far less damaging product and is applied only in the middle of the shaft.

Can CA Esti's do Lash Lifts?

No. CA Cosmo's and barbers are the only licensees that have this procedure in their scope .

How long does it last?

4-5 weeks. Although it is stated up to 6 weeks, I have ntoiced over the years 5 weeks is the max. There are variables that will affect the longevity of the curl . i.e. water exposure/mascara within 24 hours,inproper application or not enough developing time.

Can you tint the lashes with Lash lifting?

YES! Apply tint post neutralizer removal. But be aware that processing time is reduced to 3 min max.

What if the curl is too tight or too loose?

I always advise to go by the lower end of developing time. For example if the product is 8-12 min , use 8-9 min for processing. This will give you the wiggle room of 3 min or so to re-apply the solution to relax the curl or to use an alternate rod to give more curl depth.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a service that has the same steps as the lash lift but for the brows. It creates a defined brow style that essentially takes out the need to use any brow gels or styling products.

Who is a candidate for brow lifts?

Anyone who :

1. has sparse or gaps in the brow

2.has thick coarse/curly unmanageable hairs

3.wears full makeup and wants dramatic everything

4. wears light makeup and wants to look done up without spending time

As you can tell most people are candidates.

Are brow lifts good for men?

YES .Brow lifts dont have to be the show stopping runway look we see on every IG page I have noticed that I have 50%+ male clients for this service since the older men get the more untamable thier brow hair get. Providing a brow lift will relax the hairs making it a breeze to tweeze or wax a natural shape that lasts. So no more tweezing the crazy out of place hairs and leaving them with bald patches. Like, who wants that right?! PRO TIP partner with your local barbershop to share clientele !! PS upsell and offer nose + ear waxes!

How can I avoid an allergic reaction?

Always book a patch test , I find that during a regular appointment mention that you now offer lash/brow lifting. This is the perfect time to do a patch test even if there arent sure yet if they will try it. Cleanse the inner elbow and use a clean disposable applicator to put a small amount of the adhesive . Call them in 24 hours and ask if therte was any discomfort. Note their consult form to refer to when they book for the lift. NEVER apply the lift solution to the skin! This is NOT I repeat NOT the product to test!!!!! And if you are not filing consult forms please call me I will happily walk you through the process A-Z in fact I will send you forms to use , SAFETY is my #1 focus .

If you have any question about these services please call , email or send a message on our chat service and we willl get back to you ASAP.

Love ya all and if you havent already take our workshop to add this to your menu this spring I pormise your clients will be smiling for weeks , taking selfies like never before and youll be happy ! .......WITH A POCKET FULL OF CASH WHICH AINT SO BAD ;)

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