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Strings Everywhere??!! How to apply hard wax like a boss

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Application is EVERYTHING when performing wax services to build and KEEP your clients. When you wax neatly , efficiently, and show off to your clients , they will do your bragging for you !

Have you ever made yourself into a human cotton candy while practicing your hard wax technique? When switching from strip wax to hard wax it can especially difficult to keep everything tidy since each wax has a different way in how to collect onto the stick and how to keep it stationary as you move it to the clients skin.

The #1 "secret" to maintain the perfect ball of wax is the TWIRL. If you arent practicing a twirl then you can spill wax on everything but the area to be waxed . Hands up for those who have spilled onto clothing, bedding , your own apron ! You cant see me but I have my hand up ! In my early years of perfecting my wax technique I cant count how many times this has happened. But an interesting fact , this is one of the reasons I choose to use hard wax , the clean up form accidental spills is sooooo easy! lets say you are a tad over zealous stirring your wax and it happens to be a little on the warmer /loose side and SPLAT! You now have product in your hair. (for me I will never forget when I had my bangs covered in blue wax haha) Take a spray bottle filled with Alcohol , spray onto the wax , wit a few seconds and peel right off without any hair pulling. OR you have gotten a significant amount of product on your stick and you are not twirling, and oopsy there it goes , like a snail trail from the floor to pants of your client EEK! No worries spray our cleanser on a cotton round and dampen the glob to speed up the dry time. Continue waxing and peel off in one piece once its dried. Dont forget the important step to this, admit what happened to your client and explain how it will be fixed to ease their mind. If this happens with Strip wax or you have a temporary lapse of judgement and rub on the wax to get ti off, you may have to replace the garment altogether. Okay, back to the topic at hand. TWIRLING (video below) . This keeps your wax at the perfect point of the stick , since with hard wax you need to right amount of surface area of the stick covered by wax to achieve the perfect size/thickness for the body part you are about to rip hair out of. If you find yourself running out of product before you reach the end point , no worries you can layer hard wax , get a fresh stick and repeat as need to complete your strip* . You want to spread the wax that has accumulated on the side closest to the skin. For advanced waxers , keep reserve product on the back side of the stick to do touch ups or for use if you miscalculated the amount you need to complete the strip. * If you notice excess wax on the sticks you are tossing and usually are going in for a second dip to finish the end so you have a lip to grip for removal , then chances are you are laying your stick, flat as you spread. This is a NO-NO . Keep the upward angle to use every bit and to create a smooth , fluid motion that easier on you and 1,000x more comfortable for your client. The feeling of dragging and pulling on hair during the wax application is no fun , same goes with picking at the edges to get a "lift" for removal . We want our client to leave thinking " That's it ?! That was easy!". These kind of experiences are cherished and are almost a guarantee to be shared to their family/friends , which will in turn only help you build a clientele. Now we are getting to the good stuff... word of mouth advertising. We can all remember that in Beauty School , this is the #1 form of free , and solid advertising . So when I talk about the best way to generate positive word of mouth, I tell my students to always reverse the roles. Think back to the last awesome encounter you had with a person in the service industry. Whether it was the last time you went shipping at a retail store, or talked with a waiter at a new restaurant. What did you like? I bet you will think back and remember someone who was helpful by giving you the 411 on the days discounts, sales and perhaps the special meal of the day with their feedback and suggestions right ? So why would we as waxers do any different? As estheticians we are in a unique business of providing a nurturing environment which I have noticed those with several years of experience or certain personalities , can misconstrue this for keeping the conversation going and talking about personal things the whole appointment , because its natural to believe that being likable is in turn , being someone that you can easily chat it up with. However if you are struggling with keeping clients this may be something you need to correct. And this doesnt mean be a numb robot , use the same energy and positive vibes but talk about the wax facts , aftercare, what to expect from today's service , not about your recent trip to disneyland.

This will increase your pre book percentage because they are more apt to respect your education and skills. This was my secret weapon in maintaining a steady , healthy income throughout the year with just offering waxing, because my clients would leave like "Huh, I never knew that! " or " No wonder that was happening ! My old waxer never told me that!"

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