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Over the years there has been consistent "myths" and misunderstandings about lashes let hash (or Lash ) it out :)

Myth 1. You get what you pay for.

Now , this is pushing it by saying this is a "myth" but I do feel its the most common subject thats brought up since the scary stories are usually spread around more widely than the good ones. But I do want to say my piece on this , as an educator I am VERY passionate about this statement and belief. Ok, so Im not a crazy person, YES if you go to get lashes done in a garage for $35 in 20 min vs. $150 for 2 hours in a salon,thats an obvious scenario that Ill agree with that you will get quality work for more $$. However , some artists price competetively in order to build clientele. What to look for when shopping around :

1.The lash tech is certified (and licensed !)

2. Their practice is clean and sanitary i.e. disinfects tools, clean bedding, sanitizes hands

3. The lash tech educates you on the procedure , aftercare and gives thorough consult

Myth 2 . They will weaken or permanently damage natural lashes

YES, this can happen but only if not done properly! During the consult , the size of the lash chosen should be explained to you , and also should not exceed double the natural thickness or length of the lash. Also,you should feel the artist comb through the extensions as they work to make sure there arent any stickies or extensions that are not secure at the base . If you are feeling any discomfort or can feel the weight of the extensions , chances are they are an unhealthy size that can lead to lash loss caused by follicle tension.

Myth 3. Using cheap products wont affect the set

It is crucial that quality products are used, afterall it is going near your eyes! Do your research on the product line the lash artist is using. (its a red flag if you ask whats being used and they either dont know or even say I got the cheapest glue I could find online) I believe that all professionals should be proud of the products they use and should not keep it secret . The only area of going the less expensive route would be for the disposables like applicators and mascara wands .

Myth 4. Certified lash artists arent worth the extra $

Professional lash classes that are accredited and provide certification , give lessons on proper lash techniques with live models ,so their application is supervised and perfected. Which makes for a safer procedure than someone who is self taught without the guidance of a professional trainer. Paying the extra cash could save you downtime caused by lack of knowledge such as injury form the sharp tools, infection from unsanitized implements, allergic reactions that could have been avoided with a consultation,etc

Myth 5. After getting extentions ,you have to change your sleeping, and daily routines.

FALSE . This is one subject that comes up regularly , since we are taught to care for the lashes by not getting them wet, avoid steam , sleeping on your side /face down and makeup like eyeliners and mascaras. It takes up to 24 hours for adheisve to fully cure after that its business as usual.

However , getting them wet is totally allowed and necessary to clean them. It is so important the client is told to avoid direct water for the next 24 hours to avoid poor retention.

I have had clients whose careers are in baking , or they attend hot yoga which again, just the next 24 hours is necessary to avoid that direct steam/heat. (although I like to use nano mister to speed up the curing process so they can partake in these activities sooner without worry) Sleeping on ones side or face down can affect the set by crunching them or cause some premature loss of the extensions but unless they are smashing their face into the pillow , we are talking very minor amount of lashes coming off. However, if they are misshapen they can use a spoolie to brush while using a blow dryer ON COOL to fluff them back into shape. Yes, it is ideal to sleep on your back but c'mon asking someone to chnage their sleeping postion theyve had for their whole life is difficult. Cosmetics can be used but just NO OIL BASE products. With this being said , you must include the skin care products or SPF also. Application of oil based moisturizers or eye creams can be the very culprit to poor retention and is often overlooked when going down the check off list of causes. Lash Affair and Bella Lash have amazing mascaras and eyeliners that are extensions safe and great for use without extensions too. Show your clients how to cleanse cosmetics off duing the consult so they can practice at home as needed. I like to provide a few cosmetic wedges and show them to glide across the lid and up then outward to remove any eye makeup. This is done before the lash cleansing so you dont have a bunch of makeup saturating the lash line.

I hope this was helpful and that you picked up a new bit of info or two. I know I can ramble on , but its because I want to cover all bases . I would LOVE any feedback you have or if you have anything to add to this ! Thank you lash beauties



Lash "extensions" applied by an individual without proper training.

Application by a certified lash arist showing proper isolation technique.

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