Over the years there has been consistent "myths" and misunderstandings about lashes let hash (or Lash ) it out :)

Myth 1. You get what you pay for.

Now , this is pushing it by saying this is a "myth" but I do feel its the most common subject thats brought up since the scary stories are usually spread around more widely than the good ones. But I do want to say my piece on this , as an educator I am VERY passionate about this statement and belief. Ok, so Im not a crazy person, YES if you go to get lashes done in a garage for $35 in 20 min vs. $150 for 2 hours in a salon,thats an obvious scenario that Ill agree with that you will get quality work for more $$. However , some artists price competetively in order to build clientele. What to look for when shopping around :

1.The lash tech is certified (and licensed !)

2. Their practice is clean and sanitary i.e. disinfects tools, clean bedding, sanitizes hands

3. The lash tech educates you on the procedure , aftercare and gives thorough consult

Myth 2 . They will weaken or perm