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Nano Infusion Therapy

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

CA Esti's can now offer a new modality to boost your service menu!

Aesthetics Pro Supplies Nano Infusion classes coming soon! We will be announcing training dates once our classroom remodel is complete

From our trials we have found that results will be most visible 2-4 days post treatment and will be long lasting with regular treatments . A series package is best , suggested to perform service 1 x week for 2 weeks and then bi weekly . and ALL mentioned products are available now!

For now here are some ideas for those of you that have your device , or those that are considering on adding one to your practice :

Plump those Lips ! time: 10min price: $35


Step 1. Cleanse upper lip, lower lip and lips . Dry

Step 2.Turn device on and use at first setting with the RED indicator light. Adjust the tip to no more than .25mm. 'Stamp" The outer lip line starting from the corner of the mouth and working upwards towards the Cupids Bow and stop. Repeat on opppsite side starting at the corner mouth as before. Repeat on lower lip .

Step 3. Apply Aesthetics Pro Hyaluronic peptide serum generously. Work your device in smooth motions and follow pattern as listed in Step 1. Glide back and forth 10 x from corner of the mouth up the Cupids bow . Repeat on each section of the mouth. For extra boost , work device in small circular motions in each section.

Step 4. Massage any excess serum into the lips

Step 5. Apply DW Lip Plumper with collagen/peptides. Turn the lip masks dial to your desired level. I always go to the highest for the maximum result. You will feel tingle and see a pout that will amaze you .

WARNING: This treatment may cause a sudden rise in selfies being shared with kissy face poses.

PRO TIP: To maintain lasting result repeat treatment weekly and sleep with the Lip Plumper on setting 0 to deliver collagen and peptides . Create a package to combine with brow wax appointments . Buy 6 get 2 free = 8 services $300 - $50 per service package purchase brings total to $37 per treatment. Cost per service $3.75

Eye Love You time : 25min price : $50

Step 1. Cleanse the face and around the eyes using circular motions with your "facial fingers " (ring finger and middle finger) to increase bloodflow around the oribital area, eye lids and brow bone. Use tapotment for increased effect. Rinse and dry .**

Step 2.(optional) Using a jade roller that has been chilled in fridge (if inflammation is visible) or use room temp. Roll with the small stone side, starting from the center and roll outward . Repeat the rolling without back rolling in sets of 8 until you have rolled under, and outer corner of eyes (crows feet) and finish with rolling under and acroos the brow bone. This is furthering the circulation. BONUS it feels great! And this is a great tool to retail

Step 3. Turn your device on and lower speed to second setting. Start your "stamping" by holding the device upright , on taught skin , and press slightly overlap each "stamp" for best result. Continue this until you cover the under eye, outer corners , and finish on the "meaty" brow /upper eye area. Do NOT treat the eyelid or lower lid where the skin is thinnest.

Step 4. Apply treatment serum , I use the anti age ampoule or hydrating peptide serum by Apro supplies.

Step 5. Begin the gliding motion in each section . Apply more serum as needed and repeat your treatment with small circular motions until you see pinkness to the skin .

Step 6. Apply Intense Eye lift mask or Gold Eye masks to both top and bottom of the eyes. Allow to set for 10 min .

Step 7. Use Jade Roller to roll on top of the masks on the entire face

Step 8. Remove all masks and massage any excess serum.

Step 9. Finish with a Lifting Creme or moisturizer and SPF

PRO TIP: If using the Intense under collagen pads and/or the 4 in 1 collagen mask, send client home with the packet containing the left over serum , advise the store in the fridge and apply daily until its out.

** If this is an add on service , complete your planned facial steps excluding the eye area. Apply the selected mask and then begin eye service. I love to use the 4 in 1 Hydrating mask since it is package in 2 pieces you can unfold and apply the gelly mask to the lower half of the face while you treat the eyes.

WARNING: May cause a drastic increase of self esteem

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