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No Surprise what the top 3 services are trending 2020

When my fellow co-worker, Caitlin, emailed me this article from MindBody Business about the top trends in 2020, I was intrigued. It was about a report they did asking 20,000 Americans about their beauty and grooming routines. Obviously, we know that the grooming services would be the top services among women and men. But to see where the esthetics fell in to place in the country was interesting. Here is what I found:

  • Spray tan/Airbrush- Portland, OR

  • Lash extensions- Detroit, MI

  • Advanced Skincare- San Francisco, CA

  • Facials, permanent makeup, eyebrow tinting/microblading- Los Angeles, CA

  • Hair Removal & Body treatments- Miami, FL

  • Gen X & Millennial (28-54 yr of age) spend the most each year on beauty & grooming services

  • Men self-care more that women do in a year. 10 services a year, while women get almost 8 services

There is so much more and I could go on but the top 3 services that Americans want to try this year in 2020 is no surprise to us, estheticians, as we have seen a spike in these services over the past 7+ years. It is Lash services! To be exact, it is Lash extensions, Lash tinting and/or Lash lift/perm.

This is what I love about our industry of Esthetics. It is always changing, room for everyone and the community we build no matter where we are in the US or world!

This is where Aesthetics Pro Supplies comes in because we truly love the world of esthetics and helping our community advice with the best education and offer the top of the line in products to give your best to your clients whether you are straight out of school or been doing this for 20 years.

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