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Struggling with retention? Go Back to the Basics

Before you spend any more $$ on gadgets and gizmos, find out here the top 3 probs artists are overlooking that may be the main cause of poor retention!

The more experience and training lash artists get under their belt, it is common to over think when trying to solve the simplest of problems. Before you throw $ away on fancy "solutions" that end up in the trash , bottle after bottle of adhesive, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, vaporizers ,etc take a deep breath....and go back to basics.

1.Adhesive "dipping"

2.Time lapse between dispensing

3.Lashing the "easy" lashes only (more info on the hair growth blog)

So lets break this down, #1. Lash "dipping" - needs to be a specific angle in order to collect adhesive that is within the working standard. Think about the bond time here , for example when working with a fast setting like a 1-2sec. (super fast right?) The top of your 2 drop "bubble" or "dome" will start to dry creating a film barrier. So if you are a side swiper* , or a timid top touch-er**, (usually those who are scared f too much glue, you know who you are ) * Side swiping - Do you notice a lil tail of adhesive around your "dot"?Or are you wiping off the adhesive you just got onto the extension? The bond time statr as soon as you make contact so every motion like this is allowing for drying. So by the time you have set the extension you working with tacky , weakened glue. ** You are risking collecting this film , which yes may still stick but you are most likely adhering and setting with a fracture to the bond= premature lash loss . To prevent this angle at a 45 degree slant and dip going base first and remove out of the glue "dot" at the same angle , ensuring you are getting to the good stuff in the middle.

#2. Time lapse between dispensing - This may seem like "DUH" but over the years I have noticed this to be a BIG issue , and seems to be the most common mis-step and its always "I hate this glue, it wasn't working " or "The new adhesive I tried must have been spoiled ) Although these scenarios are possible , it is always best to see if adjusting your time lapse is all you need , so again, you aren't throwing away your hard earned cash. Don't be a slave to the label usage, since you may have to slightly adjust to accommodate your working condition. So, if you are lashing and setting a timer per package instructions , you can be inadvertently affecting the life span of the set. Keep an eye on your glue (among other things) and watch for any changes such as the glue getting firm or stringy. If this is noticed you must re- dispense asap! And while also keeping an eye on the time frame at which point it has occurred. I recommend writing down the time of dispensing on medical tape to keep track. Since we are working with some seriously sharp tools , a timer going off can startle you and your client which may lead to an injury. TIP if you are in a no choice situation of working with an adhesive that needs higher humidity than your room has , apply damp cotton pads to your clients cheeks to isolate the moisture right where you need it.

#3 - Lashing the "easy" lashes only. This is something that some don't realize they have a habit of doing. Or if an artist has a fear of permanent lash loss form follicle tension. I'm not saying lash those micro lashes in their first stage ( anagen) but take a step back and look if you seem to only show your love to the strongest, longest of the natural lashes.If so, this affects your retention since you are most likely extending the hairs in the last stage = natural shedding . So overall you're risking 1-2 week fills due to the lack of coverage. (styling tips and hair cycle identification included in our trainings!)

***All info is based on the client following proper after care, and relating to the adhesive is on trust that its fresh , stored properly and within the expiry time, for more info on adhesive storage and more check out our blog post for ADHESIVE CARE AND USE


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