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Treatment Boosters Sure to WOW!

Updated: May 1, 2019

Here are 3 simple extras you can easily add using supplies you always have on hand!

Lash extension specialist/salon Booster menu (a la carte)

Ex. Booked Service : Fill A1: T-Zone charcoal mask w/extractions

A2: Brow Shaping (with tweezing )

A3: Lymphatic massage with JadeRoller

These 3 options are a perfect add on to not only boost your income for the day since they are all short 15 min add ons, so you wont have to fear running over appoitment times. Offering add ons will also increase your client base by showing off your other skills besides lashes.

Protocol A1

Cleanse the T -Zone by prepping with the Intrinsic Gentle Cleansing wipe to remove makeup and oils. Second Cleanse with professional cleanser Lash Affair T.L.C (optional). Apply Charcoal mask in an even thin layer , with a silicone brush or glvoed hands . Allow to dry for 10 min. remove by peeling from forehead and downward toward nose.Continue with extractions , using Double Loop Extractor . Mist with Apro Fruit /Green Tea toner to remove any residue , and to balance the skin. Apply Apro Hyaluronic Acid , and finish with SPF .


Intrinsic wipes

T.L.C. L/A Cleanser (optional )

Charcoal Mask

Silicone brush or gloves for hands

Double Loop extractor

Apro Mini Mist

Apro Mini HA


Protocol A2:

Prep the brows with Intrinsic Gentle Cleansing wipe to remove any makeup and oils. Brush the brows with a clean mascara spoolie and access the brow shape ,and confirm desire shape. Then with Slant Tweezers (we LOVE our titanium finish tweezers) start removing all stray hairs while holding your tweezers at an angle laying closley to the skin and pull with the direction of growth. Start removal in the middle of the brows . Move to the top of the left brow , brush down with spoolie and hold while removing the hairs outside of brow line to achieve a defined look. Repeat on the right . Continue by tweezing around the arch and down the tail of the brow . Move to the under area of start of the brow and form a clean line. Finish clean up under the tail . Be careful as not to remove too much hair to avoid unwanted thinning. Lastly , brush the brows up from the inside of the arch only, take your straight edge scissors (we LOVE our Stork scissors) and trim the ends of the hairs until you have achieved the desired look. For ultimate service add some Refectocil tint for enhancment like no other!

Your clients will leave with show stopping peepers


Intrinsic Cleansing wipes

Mascara Spoolie

Slant Tweezers

Staright Edge Scissors

Refectocil Tint (optional ) * please check you state regulations before performing brow tint

Protocol A3:

Lymphatic Drainage Massgage with Jade Roller

Start by cleansing the face with an Intrinsic Gentle Cleansing wipe , oduble cleanse with your favorite cleanser , like Lash Affair T.L.C

Apply Apro Vit C & E serum or the Mini Peptide Serum . And with Clean Jade roller , follow motions in 3-4 times in each section.This should take 15 min to complete .Once all areas are treated , finish with soothing enck massges with 1-2 drops of Cirepil jasmine oil and with rolling motion , with your thumbs knead the pressure point located at the base ocipital bone, and finsh with gliding moition down the neck and acroos tghe shoulders and applyu gentle pressure to the ends on the shoulders before removing your hands completely. For extra love, say a postive blessing of Love , Health and Happiness in your head while massaging this energy will be passed to your client and have them leaving feeling ready to take on the day.


Intrinsic Cleansing Wipe

T.L.C Cleanser

Apro Mini Serum

Cirepil Jasmin OIl

Jade Roller

Mapping for Lymphatic Massasge with Jade Roller

All the above products are available at Aesthetics Pro Supplies , and our expert trainer is here to assist with questions or any guidance you may need. Use our live chat box, call or email to schedule a time for a hands on workshop! mention this blog for special rates !!

Intrinsics Gentle Cleasning Wipes available in 72ct and 25ct

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