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Waxing Tips -No Need For Touchup Strips

Going over an area more than once to get the stragglers? Follow these patterns for faster result!

My personal favorite areas to wax are :




These services are a staple in every salon , and in my opinion must be mastered by every esthetician. I meet professionals everyday that say " Waxing isnt my forte" or " I will only wax the Face " and the worst "Im not good at it so I dont bother"

If you have ever thought or uttered these words , no fear Apro is here!

Wax Pattern For Effecient Brow Wax

When you have a set "plan" or "pattern" , you can your service time in half boosting your revenue. Consistency is #1 for both sides you as the waxer and the client to come in regularly , this will give the best result , smoother /healthier skin free of bumps or ingrown hairs . When you have a set pattern per body part , for waxing it becomes less overwhelming and super fun no matter what services you see booked for the day!

Although hair types vary vastly, the laying of the strips should remain the SAME , applying direction of growth overall is also similar across the board . However with hard wax you ave the freedom to go against the growth. If you are needing to apply against the growth (stubborn hair) then apply this method each time , do not alternate application each vist, as it can cause ingrowns from broken hairs. ** TIP upper lip waxes are a breeze when applying against the growth, your client will thank you for getting the job done lickity split.

If you are struggling with remembering your pattern , keep the rule of thumb :


You can see an example pictured above (forgive me I am a brow artist, and not an illustrator) Laying your strips in this manner is something that will make you stand out to your client , due to the decreased pain from tugging and pulling the surrounding hair. Although this doesnt affect brow waxes persay , it will go a long way with body services .

Keeping this rule of thumb lets think about back waxes.

You get a big bear of a man come in and youre stumped of how to start the service . To always have your strips end where there is no hair , your first strip will begin in the middle of the back down the spine , and end at the tailbone.(For expierienced waxers begin the strip at the base of the neck and go down to tailbone. )

Now you have your clean space started, continue down the spine form base of neck and end on bare skin from strip #1 created. For comfort reasons keep the width of the strip to 2-3 inches , you will be able to remove like a pro and ot have any stressful breakage of the wax. Now that the "runway" is clear , the fun really begins. Standing on one side of the bed , apply the next 3 strips toward yourself , starting on the side farthest from you , start the strip where the hemline or stitchline of a tee shirt would be and with pressure pull towards yourself . end the strip at the cleared "runway " that strips #1 & #2 created. Repeat .

Now move on the the side closest to you and apply wax going up and away from yourself . Remember the basics here, remove going WITH the body .DONT pull up or whip it out. This will cause breakage and discomfort .

An average time frame using this technique , after lots of practice should be about 4-6 min .

I have created awesome booklets with patterns for each body part, that I include in our wax trainings, however , if you would like a copy Aesthetics Pro Supplies can happily set you up for a low price . HAPPY WAXING !

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