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WaxRoom HORROR Stories - told by clients

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I have been waxing for over 12 years and have my share of stories told to me that are totally cringe worthy!

I will be talking to my colleagues to gather their stories and add them to this blog as they come in so check back often!!

Okay , so this is my #1 wax expierience a client of mine shared with me that I will never forget

OK picture this :

Client " I wanted to save $ on my first brazilian wax since thee can be so expensive , and I wasnt sure if was going to like it" ( Me: ok so far sounds like a typical start )

Client : " So, I went on Craigslist and searched cheap Brazilian waxes"

Me : (in my head O....M....G let the horror begin , and yes I said Craigslist , this is when it was just becoming a big platform so not too unusual to go there to search)

Client: " I found one lady who charges $20, and does it at her home so I made an appointment"

Me: "Did she have a license ?"

Client: " I do not know " Red Flag #2

Client cont'd: " So I arrive and she instructs me to lay down ..."


Client : " ..On a beach towle on her living room couch".........

"Facing the front door which she didnt lock"

Me : Speechless

Client: "Then she microwavesthe wax she stored in a tupper ware " (!!!!!!!!!!???????)

Client : " I get into position , and she gets a butterknife form her kitchen drawer to spread the wax on "

Me: Frozen , with jaw dropped

Client: " It kept getting so hot , so now I have these scars " She points with nervous laughter to her lady parts

Me: "I dont know where to start but want to say I admire your courage to try again and with a professional in a salon but girl why did you allow for all of this to happen?"

Client: "Because I didnt want to hurt her feelings"

Me: " Thats sweet of you , but she didnt seem to mind to hurt you physically, talk abut learning the hard way . Youre in good hands now "

I will admit I cut out my endless questions and laundry list of what to look for when booking and receiving a treatment so she will NEVER get into a position like that.

I'm sorry .....WHHAAATTTT?!?

For now Ill end with this , juts FYI : That butter knife was put in the dishwasher for later , maybe for her toast the next morning? SMH

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