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Become a certified Lash Lift and Brow Lamination provider! $300 with Refectocil Kit . 1 Day, hands on training.


Class Dates:

- Nov 15th 2022 ROCKLIN, CA

Long Lashes

Master Brow Design class includes wax, tweezing, lamination, tinting, powder/pencil fill in styling and overall brow design like never before!

Featuring never before seen wax Browvado by Caronlab.

Class Date:

Nov 21st, 2022   DUBLIN

Browvado Kit

Full Body Wax Class - $450

Learn techniques for hard and soft wax applications and how to build a loyal clientele. Immersive 1 Day workshop to build confidence and knowledge with wax formulation, approaching all skin/hair types . 


Nov 19th 2022 DUBLIN, CA  

Skin Care

Dermaplane: Technique Fundamentals - $800

with a Full Master Kit containing professional Lira Clinical products and 130 Medical grade  to give you a profit potential of 13,000+

Nov. 7th 2022 DUBLIN,CA

shutterstock_1214147839 AP Dermaplane .jpg

*Disclaimer: It is solely on the licensed professional to perform any/all services according to state regulations and to research the scope of practice. Any practices that are against regulations will be handled by the responsible party and Aesthetics Pro Supplies LLC and any affiliates are not liable.

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